Skincare for those who love the ocean.


Because great skin shouldn't be compromised.

There's a lot we're willing to give up to spend more time in the ocean, but a healthy, hydrated glow isn't one of them. 

I swear by it.

Jill, surfer, NYC

Après Surf is super hydrating, absorbs quickly and leaves me with a pretty, dewy glow.  Terrific post surf or under make-up. Obsessed! 

Megan, surfer, Venice beach

Just used this on a Paris to NYC flight - all that terrible plane air that dries out your skin was a non-issue!!  Thanks so much!

Karen, non-surfer, the Hamptons

I've never had something hydrate my skin so much. 

Monroe, beach lover, Venice beach

I tried your product and I love it so much.  My surfer boyfriend and I feel like it is the best oil we've ever used.

Val, non-surfer, Los Angeles

I live on an island and am pretty much always salty.  I wear Après Surf day and night and I absolutely love it!

Mya, beach lover, Maui

My face thanks you!

Crash, surf instructor, Santa Monica.

Just back from Nicaragua...your oil works magic - we used it after exposure to salt, sun, heat, spray from waves, off shore winds, the whole deal.  Thank you for an amazing essential.

Guy Okazaki, Shaper, Venice Beach

Hands-down the best, most incredible facial oil I've ever used...I have been telling everyone about it.

Anu, New Zealand

I use Après Surf on my face after a long day in the sun and wake up with my skin feeling incredibly hydrated.  I highly recommend!

Meaghan, ocean photographer, Toronto

Our Care Policy

"There's no them. There's only us." - Bono

Keeping our oceans clean and animals protected are causes dear to our hearts.  We are committing a percent of our quarterly profits to non-profit organizations who never stop fighting the good fight.