Who We Are

The Brand

LABBE is a lifestyle brand for surfers and ocean lovers.  We dream of and seek to create exceptional products to use at the beach, after a swim or surf, or that are inspired by our love for salt water and our devotion to keeping our planet thriving and beautiful.  We believe spending time at the ocean is both a great luxury and a true essential, and it's these two ideals that represent the pillars of our brand ethos...along with respect for our natural environment and regard for our future generations.  

We proudly support charities and organizations that safeguard bodies of water and the humane, loving treatment of all living things.

Made in California

LOCAL 90291

LABBE  is located on the coast of sunny Southern California, in the heart of Venice Beach.  This is our home base and our number one playground, and where we first conceived of the brand back in 2016.

We are dedicated to keeping design, production, and shipping local as the brand grows, helping us to maintain a small footprint and a close watch on quality.

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Our Ethos

We believe that spending time at the ocean is both a luxury and an essential. 

We believe that bare skin in fresh air is the easiest luxury attainable. 

We believe in seeking high quality - in products, exchanges, and relationships.

We believe that what we take care of will reward us...whether it be our skin, our health, the ocean, this planet or all of its sentient beings.

We believe that true beauty begins with positive energy, and true wealth is a life well lived. 

OCEAN.  RINSE.  REPEAT.  Whenever possible. 

Founder Renee Labbe

This brand is a bit of a happy accident…although perhaps not accident at all.   A design forecaster by profession, I never imagined starting a brand or creating products.  But sometimes a single event can cause your life to shift.  For me that occurred back in 2012, when a trip through the Caribbean changed the way I experience life - in numerous, profound, and magical ways.   

Since then, I have always felt tied to the ocean.  I crave it and miss it if I have had too many days away - which was the catalyst for taking up surfing.   If you love salt water maybe you’ve experienced something similar, although words are quite ineffective at describing what “it” is.   As a person, it makes me more relaxed, content and present in my daily life.  It makes me want to give more and be more conscientious of others, animals and the environment.  As a surfer, it allows my body and mind and spirit to tune to the natural rhythm within the ocean.  I find everything I need in these moments…it’s my energy source, my peace within and my perpetual happy place. 

Everyone experiences its magic through different means.  Some love to walk the sand and hear the waves roar, others prefer to watch the sun drop on the horizon with the sea breeze on their skin.  Some sail.  Some dive.  Some swim.  And still for others, like me, we surf.

I founded LABBE to engage, inspire and hopefully add value to this community. This brand is for you; the ocean lovers.